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Nanquan / Southern Boxing DVDs

Nanquan or Southern Boxing is a very popular boxing in the south of China, but there are different styles in different areas. The main styles include Guangdong with Hong, Liu, Cai, Li, Mo, a total of five; Fujian are Wing Chun (Yong Chun), Wuzu, a total of two; Hunan, Wu, Xue, Hong, Yue, a total of four etc. Although each styles has its own characteristics, the basic feature is same: mainly using hands and fists movement and less feet or legs movement. The reason is the body of south people in general is relatively short, also their action is agile, and outbreak-energy releasing is powerful. This is where Nanquan is from. Nan means south or southern, Quan means fist in Chinese. Chinese Wushu sometimes can be recognized as Southern Fist (Nan Quan), and Northern Leg.

In general, the requirement for Nanquan practitioner is: shoulders sink down, both bones of shoulders slightly move forward together, the chin inward to make neck stretch out, the chest slightly inward and shrink, so the chest, back, shoulder, elbow and other parts of the energy can come together, that is what we called the 'off shoulder and close its bones, straight ncek and round chest', plus Qi going down to Dan Tian, and tightening the abdominal muscles together, so the whole body's forces can be united into one unit naturally.

In real time sitution, the waist is the the center of the force, the whole body's force are built up from the legs to the waist, then from waist to arms, then reach fists. Different schools may use different hands, fists' forces such as inch force, outbreak force, stretching force, curve force etc. More requirements and instructions please follow each individual styles in the dvds.

Huang Feihong Nanquan(DW086)

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Nanquan by He Qiang(DW099)

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Cai Lifo Kungfu DVDs (DW113)

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Cai Lifo Nanquan DVDs (DW049-054)

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Guangdong Hong Quan DVDs(DW128)

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