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Chang Quan / Long Boxing DVDs

Chang Quan (Long Boxing in English) is part of Northern Boxing in China, and mainly includes Cha Quan from Shangdong, Hua Quan from Hua Shan (Mountain), Pao Quan ( Cannon Fist) from Shaolin, and Hong Quan from Shanxi. Its main features are generous stretch posture, flexibie and agile movement, long shoting, high and far jumping, hardness and softness, fastness and slowness, and distinct rhythm. It is one of the reommended sports for people to practise particular for young people and kids in China by Chinese Wushu Association, and is always a major content in any Chinese national martial arts performance and completition.

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International Wushu Competition Routines DVDs (DW019-023)

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Kungfu for Kids DVDs

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